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Zi Wine club tech for the decade you live in.

Increase your sign ups and reduce your time to ship without having to rely on paper forms, Excel or antiquated software.
Our app is designed to help you grow your membership while reducing your overhead in cost and time spent to ship.

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The Wine Club site is committed to helping wineries and wine retailers spend less time fixing errors with billing and customer information. Save money by replacing your outdated software with a new, cloud based secure platform. Reduce the amount of time spent on processing membership orders, while also making it simple to grow the number of active members of your club. We do this by providing the best cloud resources that today's savvy wine lovers are used to. This includes our new iPad app that makes it easy for a wine club member to sign up quicker and with more accuracy. Your customers will leave impressed with the new experience and confident in what to expect next.



      With seemless integration with 7 Day Express, UPS and FedEx you can batch shipping data, and then print it on sheet-fed label paper. When you're ready to ship, with a few clicks of your mouse you'll be able to print every label you need at once, saving you the time it would normally take for you to individually fill out each label by hand.


      Bill customers directly and securely without having to re-enter card information or re-swipe. You'll get back hours of your time each month that you used to spend on re-entering the same credit card info over and over again.


      Accepting applications electronically reduces your work load, eliminates wasteful paper forms & errors as well as headaches reading through handwritten customer information.


      Ultra-secure credit card payment processing. We rely on 256 bit SSL encryption & PCI compliant back-end systems from Stripe.com. That way you'll never have to worry about credit card information being leaked, hacked or stolen.


      Track your employees that are signing up the most new members and reward them. The app makes it easy for the customer to select who helped them that day.

    App Features
    App Features


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Real reviews from wine club members:
Elaine H.

Easiest Yet!

This new app makes selection the easiest yet!!

Chris H.

Very Easy

Everything so far is very easy.

Ryan W

I Like It

This is a great system, I like it. Maybe a way to manage my shipping address online?

Amy B

Very Easy

It's very easy now.