Reasons People Quit Wine Clubs

Your wine club members are your best customers. They love your wines and the general vibe of your brand. They love to introduce their friends and families to your wines and winery (if you have a brick and mortar winery). Something about your brand really resonates with them and they are proud to be part of your winery’s family.

Wine club members are your best brand ambassadors, but it’s really easy to lose them.

There are quite a few reasons people quit wine clubs and some have nothing to do with your wines, your brand or your customer service, like:


Shipping issues

Wine shipments require an adult signature and UPS and FedEx will not (well, they are not supposed to, anyway) leave packages at the door. Wine recipients get three delivery attempts by the shipper and after that, the wine gets returned to the winery or fulfillment house. This is inconvenient for people and they get frustrated waiting around to sign for their wine. A business address is always preferable, so someone can always be there to sign for the wine. A solution that we’ve seen work is contracting with a local logistics company, like 7 Day Express that specializes in wine shipping. They often have their drivers contact your customers before a delivery is attempted in order to figure out what time they will be home to receive the wine.


Money challenges

let’s face it, times can get tough for people and wine is not always a necessity (gasp!). Wine clubs sometimes get cut from the budget.


Health issues

sometimes, people need to quit drinking for various health reasons and don’t need the temptation of your delicious wines.



Some states are notoriously difficult to ship into and sometimes, people move to those states. You can always suggest shipping to a friend in a nearby, shipping-friendly state, but it may be inconvenient for your wine club member to go pick it up somewhere else.


Too much wine

wait, what? How can anyone have too much wine? Well, it happens. People sometimes find themselves with a cellar that’s overflowing with wine. Our solution is just to have more parties and drink more wine, but that’s not always a convincing argument. Another option is to allow the wine club member to skip a shipment, because it’s a better alternative to having them leave your club altogether.



They want to try something else – this happens too. Fickle humans. Sigh. There are so many wine clubs out there that your customers may quit to change up their wine experience a bit. Let them go – you can woo them back later with a great “We want you back” promotion.

Sometimes, people quit because of customer service, or lack thereof. Here are a few examples of that:

  • Communication breakdown – it is very important to get back to your wine club members the same day or the next day at the very latest.
  • Lack of variety – wine clubs work best when there are more than two wines available, unless you have highly allocated, amazing wines. People get bored.
  • Lack of choice – people want what they want, when they want it. Customizing wine club shipments is a great way to keep your club members happy.
  • Poor customer service – just be nice to these people and be as flexible as possible with their requests. Remember, they are your best customers! There is always another wine club that would be happy to have them.

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